Genmaicha Green Tea

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Light, golden yellow liquor with a unique, toasty rice flavor tending sweet. A tea that creates conversation.

Ingredients: Premium Sencha Green tea, Roasted + Popped rice




Genmaicha green tea- a truly Japanese style green tea that is blended with fire-toasted rice. Our genmaicha is made with premium sencha green tea and roasted rice.

The fresh vegetative character of the green tea is imparted on the cup but it is tempered with the bakey-like character of the rice. There is a natural sweetness and almost chewy character to the finish of this tea. During the firing of the rice, it is not uncommon for rice to ‘pop’ not unlike popcorn, hence the pet name ‘popcorn-tea’.

If you are looking for a vegetal, nutty and toasty flavor, hands-on on genmaicha green tea and fall in love with every sip.




1. Put 1 slightly heaping teaspoon of genmaicha green tea for each 7-9 oz/200-260ml of water in the teapot.

2. Pour freshly boiled water over the tea. Steep 3-7 min.

3. Add Milk & Sugar to taste.


1. 6 slightly heaping teaspoons genmaicha green tea into a teapot.

2. Pour 315ml boiling water on tea. Steep 5 min.

3. Quarter fill serving pitcher with cold water Pour into pitcher straining the tea.

4. Add ice, top-up with cold water, garnish & sweeten to taste.



Legend has it that during the 1400’s an Important samurai warlord in Hakone on the Izu Peninsula of Honshu Island (the lzu Peninsula is near the Shizuoka area) was having tea in the morning discussing a battle strategy with his patrol leaders A servant by the name of Genamai was serving hot tea to the group. Leaning over to give tea to the warlord. rice that he had surreptitiously taken for a morning snack fell out of his pocket into the steaming hot tea Some popped upon hitting the hot tea.

The warlord was incensed, jumped up brandishing his samurai sword he promptly cut of Genamai’s head in one fell swoop He then sat down to continue the meeting. Despite the fact that the tea had been tarnished he drank it anyway. The flavour was very unique and he enjoyed it tremendously. In honor of poor Genamai he pronounced that this rice and tea be served every morning and be called ‘Genmaicha’ (cha being the name of ‘tea’ in Japanese) FYI.

After the Fukushima nuclear accident we shifted the source of this tea to Japanese tea gardens in China It was and continues to be the correct food safety precaution.

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30g Pouch, 30g Pouch with Tin Box, 50g Pouch, 50g Pouch with 250ml Glass Jar, 100g Pouch, 250g Family Pack, 500g Family Pack, 10g Sample Pouch

21 reviews for Genmaicha Green Tea

  1. Parzan D.

    Very good if you like the Japanese green teas.

  2. John

    After several tries of Genmaicha I am delighted with this product, I recommend it for those who like this particular perfume.

  3. Daniel K

    Very good, better than another at the same price

  4. Rosker

    I am picky but this one has a settled quality taste, loved it

  5. Sintia

    I really love this tea, its flavor can be as intense as you want it to be, just leave it to brew for a bit longer. I get two brews out if one portion of this tea and the second load of water still gives you a nice pot of flavorsome tea. 


    Genmaicha is kind of mixture of roasted popped brown rice and green tea leaves. I personally like it as it has a nutty flavor from the sugar and starch from the rice. it gives you a warm gentle feeling of both grassy flavor of green tea and the aroma of the roasted rice.

  7. Emil Siminovitch

    Love this tea. It has a yellow-green color to it and an unusual nutty flavor (I can describe it as a hit of popcorn).

  8. Joe

    This is divine, so relaxing and so full of flavor. I adore it and can’t wait to buy more for sure.

  9. Dante

    This is the second time I have bought it. I find it excellent, it has a delicate flavor, it does not become bitter if it is left to infuse for a long time.

  10. Lady Fancifull

    Deserves the name of pop corn tea dominant slightly sweet taste at the beginning then a slight taste of young spinach leaves at the end of the cup, not unpleasant, a curiosity we like or not

  11. A. I. McCulloch

    Very good, it really tastes like butter popcorn

  12. Tarzan

    A truly delicious tea – one to savour and enjoy and far far better than anything I have purchased locally in a traditional high street shop.I used water that had cooled slightly after boiling (so just off), and set it steep gently for 2 minutes or so. I also added a touch of honey. Then its a question of sitting quietly, sipping and relaxing.
    Quality stuff – highly recommended.

  13. Jacqueline massie

    Very tasty tea! It is very delicious and great tea! Has a lovely flavour and it is a great value for money! Reccomend it!

  14. Rachelraquelracquel

    Genmaicha – this is probably the most untypical tea I’ve ever drank. The brew has a rather strong smell of roasted rice, its taste is mild without noticeable bitterness! Although I was not convinced at first, it is now my favorite variation for green tea. I can not imagine lunch now without the “dessert” in the form of a cup of aromatic genmaicha.

  15. Rollerball

    Delicious! I follow the instructions and the tea is sweet but tasty.

  16. Sunny

    After several trials of Genmaicha I am delighted with this product, I recommend it for those who love this particular fragrance

  17. Jenny Allison

    I love Japanese Genmaicha. This pack is a very good quality pack. The green tea in the pack is very green like fresh and tastes very good.

  18. cara h.

    Lovely, compared well with other brands, even from Japan. Would order again.

  19. Andrea

    I love a delicate flavor of this tea!

  20. Luise Bostelmann

    This is the best Gen Mai Cha I have tried to so far. No bitterness, subtle yet full of flavor and just the right balance between nuttyness and green tea.

  21. Georgie Bull

    Great taste, the best green tea I have ever tasted. Great mild quality, just like in Japan

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