Vanilla Chai Latte

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Creamy Madagascar vanilla notes dance with tingling Malabar Coast spices. A lively ginger finish is accentuated by candy cardamom

Ingredients: Premium Assam black tea, Ginger. Cinnamon, Cardamom. Black + White pepper. Calendula petals. Nutmeg, and Natural flavours.




Indian chai is typically made using a rich black tea. usually an Assam. and brewing it in heavy milk with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and pepper. The drink produces a warm soothing effect and engenders a wonderfully calming effect on the body. we’ve taken the soothing aspect of this blend one step further and added a dash of vanilla. This addition of vanilla adds a hint of creaminess to this tea – a fantastic addition. Brew this tea piping hot and add some sugar to help open up the exotic flavor of the spicy blend that makes up this tea. Just try and stop yourself after one cup! IMPORTANT: Turn your bag of Chai upside down a few times. The powdered spices can settle at the bottom of the bag during transit.




1. Put 1 slightly heaping teaspoon of Vanilla Chai Latte for each 7-9 oz/200-260ml of water in the teapot.

2. Pour freshly boiled water over the tea. Steep 3-7 min.

3. Add Milk & Sugar to taste.


1. 6 slightly heaping teaspoons of Vanilla Chai Latte into a teapot.

2. Pour 315ml boiling water on tea. Steep 5 min.

3. Quarter fill serving pitcher with cold water Pour into pitcher straining the tea.

4. Add ice, top-up with cold water, garnish & sweeten to taste.



Chai is such an integral part of Indian culture that it is virtually impossible to avoid when traveling through any part of the Indian sub-continent. Even when fresh cold drinking water cannot be found, you will inevitably encounter a chai-wallah, or chai seller yelling out, ‘chayee! chayee!’ while riding the rails in India, the call of the chai wallah can be heard at every stop proffering their delicious hot drink. It is not uncommon for a chai-wallah to board a train in the middle of the night and wake up passengers to sell chai. The chai arrives in small clay cups that all customers throw from the train windows when finished!

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30g Pouch, 30g Pouch with Tin Box, 50g Pouch, 50g Pouch with 250ml Glass Jar, 100g Pouch, 250g Family Pack, 500g Family Pack, 10g Sample Pouch

17 reviews for Vanilla Chai Latte

  1. Sam M.

    I really enjoy drinking this tea, the flavor is very good.

  2. Erin

    Nice subtle taste

  3. kathy

    This makes an absolutely lovely cup of chai!

  4. Andi Stark

    So tasty love it has a creamy vanilla flavour with a chip spice kick , what more can I say delicious
    Will buy again for sure!

  5. R. Stafford

    Such a lovely flavour. This has become my new favourite. Can’t be without it! So soothing.

  6. Laura Knight

    Delicious taste. Sweet and warm. I have it with almond milk.

  7. Kevin Waldie

    Great tea, delicious taste and aroma. Highly recommend.

  8. A. Bell

    A really enjoyable tea, for me best enjoyed before bed as i find it very calming.

  9. Amanda Hart

    I like the flavour of this tea very much, especially in the Winter. It swarming and delicious

  10. Barry White

    Forgot how good this is!!! Haven’t bought this flavour before and it’s soooo good definitely a good purchase. Lovely vanilla flavour, no need to add sugar, fab drink for these cold nights just with hot water.

  11. Gary Wilde

    If you love chai tea you will love this drink! It is so delicious!!! Fast delivery – I would highly recommend this product 🙂

  12. Jonathan

    Lovely flavour & tasted better with milk & seemed thicker than with water


  13. David Shaw

    Nice, flavour full tea. Not my all time favourite, but does make a lovely brew.


  14. John

    Very pleased with the service and no complaints the tea is very good quality will buy again

  15. Andrea Schmidt

    I’m not a tea expert, but this is lovely. Do not need sugar or sweeteners, nor milk taste just like a normal tea and is healthier 🙂

  16. Marcus Johnson

    I love this chai tea!! Was introduced to it by a friend and I am now addicted …would recommend to anyone

  17. Helena

    Spicy and aromatic, just a pinch of this tea will give you such flavourful drink!

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