Lapsang Souchong

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A superior leaf Lapsang Souchong offering a crisp character with the remarkable and heady aroma of an oak fire.

Ingredients: Special Leaf Lapsang Souchong




When the finest black tea leaves are smoked over pine woods, you get one of the world’s famous smoky black tea- Lapsang Souchong. It has a famously smoky aroma and distinct flavor that no other tea ever has.

This distinctive smoky flavor of Lapsang Souchong is referred to as tarry and is a special tea from Fujian province. The Fukienese word ‘souchong means subvariety – that is a subvariety of other black teas from the Wuyi mountains of Fujian.

The method of production is as follows.

  • The leaves are first withered over fires of pine or cypress wood.
  • After pan-frying and rolling, they are presses into wooden barrels and covered with cloth to ferment until they give off a pleasant fragrance.
  • The leaves are fired again and rolled into taut strips.
  • Then they are placed in bamboo baskets and hung on
  • wooden racks over smoking pine fires to dry and absorb the smoke flavor.

When finished they are thick, glossy black strips and produce a dark red beverage with a unique aroma and taste. It is generally consumed with sugar or milk. With its robust aroma and smoky flavour, you will be tempted to spend an ecstatic morning with your cup of lapsang souchong appreciating every sip!




1. Put 1 slightly heaping teaspoon of Lapsang Souchong for each 7-9 oz/200-260ml of water in the teapot.

2. Pour freshly boiled water over the tea. Steep 3-7 min.

3. Add Milk & Sugar to taste.


1. 6 slightly heaping teaspoons of Lapsang Souchong into a teapot.

2. Pour 315ml boiling water on tea. Steep 5 min.

3. Quarter fill serving pitcher with cold water Pour into pitcher straining the tea.

4. Add ice, top-up with cold water, garnish & sweeten to taste.


Additional info:

When Lapsang Souchong was first exported to western European countries and became famous on the international markets – it was no doubt due to the distinct aroma and flavor. Interestingly the best Lapsang is produced in the nature preserve located in the Wuyi Mountains where the high mountains with thick pine forests and heavy mist provide the ideal environment for growing top-quality tea. Legend claims that the smoking process was discovered by accident. During the Qing dynasty. an army unit passing through Xingcun (Star Village) camped in a tea factory filled with fresh leaves awaiting processing. When the soldiers left and the workers could get back into the premises. they realized that to arrive at the market in time, it was too late to dry the leaves in the usual way. So they lit open fires of pine wood to hasten the drying. Not only did the tea reach the market in time, but the smoked pine flavor created a sensation!

Additional information


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17 reviews for Lapsang Souchong

  1. Talina

    Loose leaf lapsang souchong, really awesome smokey flavour much deeper than you get with supermarket varieties.

  2. Ana

    Decent quality lapsang. No problems at all. Good smokey flavor, always seems better from loose leaf than teabags and this stuff is no exception

  3. Jon Hammond

    A lovely blend of tea and full flavored that I love. I would definitely recommend this if you like smokey teas, and will definitely re-order when all used.

  4. Steve Zissou

    Love this smokey tea! Great flavor

  5. Serena Reid

    The smokyness is really good in this tea, you can really control how smokey your tea is depending on the length of brewing. Taste and smell is just lovely

  6. Christie

    A nicely rounded tea that is refreshing and light.

  7. Emma Rae

    This is excellent tea , smoked and flavorsome .

  8. Dave B

    I had never heard of lapsang souchong until I read about it in a novel. When I looked up what it was, I was intrigued. Two pouches later, and it’s replaced maté as my favorite tea. It’s very smoky, but having grown up around fire, and now being far from home in a pandemic year, it’s exactly the comfort I needed. If you like campfires and strong black tea, you should give this tea a shot.

  9. Melanie walsh

    This is my first venture into the world of Lapsang Suchong tea. So far, I like it! The smokiness is pleasing. It definitely makes a larger cup without sacrificing strength. For a first time purchase, I’m not disappointed at all. I would buy it again.

  10. Marishka

    A new taste in tea for me. Perfect addition to my tea assortment. Excellent smoky aroma and a delicious taste. If you’re looking for a different-tasting and exotic tea, this may be it! Let this tea stand for a bit to bring out more flavor. Always looking forward to my next cup. 

  11. M lopez

    Strong, smokey flavorful, well balanced, good color, and smooooth finish. What a beautiful cup of tea. The price for the quality and quantity is exceptional.

  12. Lucy

    I personally love the flavor of this tea. It’s perfect for early mornings and while longing for campfires. The bold earthy and smoky taste is unpopular, however, certainly enjoyed by few. The aroma is strong so be mindful of where you store it. I keep it separate from my other teas and double package it.

  13. Robbie

    The smell is very strong. This is also the same kind of tea that the Boston Tea party thew off the ships back in the day, which is interesting. According to the Boston, MA museum of tea parties. This is a kind of tea that love it or hate it.

  14. Linda

    This smoky tea is bold in flavor yet subtle, not overpowering, and very enjoyable. Some black teas can be too strong and bitter. Great quality, good value, truly original teas.

  15. Timi O.

    This is my first time drinking Lapsang Souchong – Wow! It is incredibly smokey. It is almost a little too smokey if drank just out of water- it feels dry. Absolutely delicious and my new favorite tea if made with milk.

  16. Wendy Walker

    Love this Lapsang Souchong tea. This is an acquired taste. Very fragrant. Winston Churchill’s go-to tea. Hard to find in the local grocery stores. I love it, some folks do not.

  17. Jamie Marr

    I am very happy with this tea. It is fresh and Lapsang Souchong remains one of my favorite.

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