Two Inch Mesh Ball

(7 customer reviews)

Two Inch Mesh Ball with Grade 18/8 Stainless steel.



Two Inch Mesh Ball with Grade 18/8 Stainless steel.

7 reviews for Two Inch Mesh Ball

  1. Cristina Generale

    Love these as loose tea tastes so much nicer than tea bags and environmentally friendly. The little pin can be a bit fiddly though but well worth the effort. I couldn’t face tea bags after tasting this tea!

  2. Sarah Donald

    Solves the classic problem of the mess of loose tea leaves. Also if you hook up the chain on the teapot spout it is easy to remove when you don’t want the tea over brewed.

    Easy to go in the dishwasher. Sometimes the two halves become detached but easy to put back together. Highly recommended, especially at this price and come in various sizes.

  3. Shalala

    My son came to visit at Christmas and he drinks herbal teas. I had a teapot but no strainer and bought these in a hurry. They arrived very promptly and were well used over the Christmas period – since I bought him a handmade fruit tea from a craft shop. They were perfect. Thanks

  4. Ms A Pard

    Finally I have a tea leaf holder and can enjoy herbal teas I create. Easy to use, works well for big and small mugs because the chain is a decent size. Love this and ordered 2. Definitely value for money.

  5. Liliana Ketzer

    Love it just what I needed when making my herbal teas

  6. Sandra Richardson

    Great for making a single cup of tea, they do allow some tea leaves through but this doesn’t bother me. A bit fiddly to close, I put them in the dishwasher and so far they’ve come out ok.

  7. Mr. J. Sanders

    These worked well. The wire mesh also bends, so if it gets dented you can easily reshape it. I would buy it again.

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