Shimizu Teapot

(11 customer reviews)

Shimizu Blue Teapot, A Japanese cast iron ware with  a brushed enamel coating.



Shimizu Blue Teapot, A Japanese cast iron ware with  a brushed enamel coating.

11 reviews for Shimizu Teapot

  1. Sophie

    I absolutely love this teapot. What a great purchase. I highly recommend.

  2. Sarah L

    It is a very pretty pot, a little bit expensive but lovely material. Looks just like in the pictures.

  3. Catriona Forbes

    Beautiful and sturdy teapot. Absolutely love it.

  4. Christina Eyres

    Visually this is a really lovely teapot in a Japanese style. It is dark blue cast iron with a sturdy handle and fixings. The strainer inside is good quality and is still in perfect condition after 6 months of use. The teapot keeps the tea really warm whilst it is infusing.

  5. Dilly

    It seems to me a very simple and pretty teapot

  6. Helen

    Great teapot. Very solid and heavy and exactly what we were after. Seems well made, and the color is lovely as well.

  7. Mrs A Blackburn

    This is a beautiful pot. It keeps the tea nice and hot. The enamel coating inside makes it easy to clean and ensures the flavor of the tea isn’t affected by the iron. The basket inside works well with loose leaf tea and can easily be removed if using tea bags. Top product at a great price. We are delighted with it.

  8. Emma McNicholl

    Fantastic little teapot! Easy to clean easy to fill, easy to use. All round must remember to leave open to dry but lovely tea teapot.

  9. Mrs S

    The teapot is great, heavy, nicely decorated, and works well more than a year after purchase. There is some minor rust in the joints between the handle and the body, but the rest is well protected by the enamel.

  10. Leigh

    I love how pretty this teapot is and how robust. It keeps my herbal tea at a good temperature for quite a while as well. Never going back to china teapots. It holds enough for about 4 or 5 small teacups worth of tea. The strainer works very well. 

  11. Peter P.

    Really pretty. Goes perfectly with blue porcelain that I own. Will definitely last a long time.

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