1 to 3 Cups Glass Teapot

(12 customer reviews)

One to Three cup premium silica glassware Teapot.



One to Three cup premium silica glassware Teapot.

12 reviews for 1 to 3 Cups Glass Teapot

  1. Jennie Harris

    Really good for teabags and teas without milk… with milk is also good. You can see the color develop in the tisanes and herbal teas…. lovely…!!

  2. Maddie Nicholas

    Love this teapot. Bought it as a birthday gift to myself and have no regrets. I drink even more tea these days since I bought it. It’s light, super easy to clean.

  3. Joshua Gilroy

    Love it. Brilliant for the 2-3 cups and especially herbal teas!

  4. Maritha

    Had one of these served up recently in a restaurant and it looked pretty effective – think they make a good and slightly unusual present.

  5. Keshia Hare

    This is how all companies should do business can’t recommend enough, beautifully products and fantastic customer service.

  6. Gary

    Brilliant love the teapot!

  7. Kathleen

    Beautiful bought as a gift and they loved it. Great quality.

  8. Susan Hampson

    The most beautiful tea pot I’ve ever purchased!!! Style with such elegance!!! Definitely would recommend as the quality is such high standards. Perfect as a gift!!!

  9. F Murray

    Looks good but I have not used yet, but well-presented and good delivery!

  10. Sharon

    Love this so beautiful and does not spill when pouring at all using every day for my herbal teas I’m very happy with this quality product.

  11. Jony S

    Absolutely love this teapot. It looks amazing and tea stays warm for a long time. Would definitely recommend!

  12. Steve

    Really beautiful gift I find it to be quite a quirky and meaningful gift.

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