Borengajuli Estate Tea(FBOP)

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A flavoury, bright, and full-bodied tea with superb malty highlights. Some term this character as jammy. A good self drinking tea that is suitable any time of the day.

Ingredients: FBOP black tea





Deep in the jungles that grow along the banks of the Brahmaputra, within clear eyeshot of the Himalayas, lies fabled Borengajuli Estate. Borengajuli has long been the talk of the Assam tea trade. Borengajuli made its name via the outstanding tea it produces, the result of a painstaking “natural cloning” process. Borengajuli’s teas are almost perfect. Borengajuli is one of the highest yielding estates in terms of exceptional, luxury grade teas.


HOT TEA: put 1 slightly heaping teaspoon of loose tea for each 7-9 oz/200-260ml of water in the teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over the tea. Steep 3-7 min. Add Milk & Sugar to taste.

ICED TEA: (1L/QT): 6 slightly heaping teaspoons loose tea into a teapot. Pour 315ml boiling water on tea. Steep 5 min. Quarter fill serving pitcher with cold water Pour into pitcher straining the tea. Add ice, top-up with cold water, garnish & sweeten to taste


Additional info:

Ask any of the planters at any of the clubs from Guwahati to Pertabghur and they’ll tell you the same thing. Borengajuli’s teas are almost perfect. It wasn’t always so. Many years ago, plucky Estate managers began selecting the finest plants the gardens had to offer. They looked for bushes with higher yields, an abundance of “tip”, superb flavor and better resistance to drought and pests. These bushes were placed in a special nursery and over time, cuttings were made that were nurtured and replanted in the gardens. Gradually, as more and more cuttings grew into full bushes, the estate filled with these “perfect” tea bushes.

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30g Pouch, 30g Pouch with Tin Box, 50g Pouch, 50g Pouch with 250ml Glass Jar, 100g Pouch, 250g Family Pack, 500g Family Pack, 10g Sample Pouch

9 reviews for Borengajuli Estate Tea(FBOP)

  1. Melissa

    I was going through an exotic tea phase. Loved it at first but started to find it strong. Use it every now and then.

  2. R. Hannah

    It is my favourite tea now! I like it with a bit of milk or without! 

  3. Colin O’Hare

    This is genuine full-leaf tea and even though it is almost half the price of the brand I was originally buying it is just as, if not more delicious.

  4. Melanie Collins

    A very nice tea, lovely colour and flavour, you need to make sure to brew it for a full 5mins in a pre heated pot as it is large leaves and needs time for the flavour to develop.

  5. lady jane

    It is wonderful to rediscover good tea. I’ve used teabags for so long that I had forgotten what tea should really taste like and now with borengajuli blend I have fallen in love with tea again. Thank You.

  6. Willem den Dulk

    If you like a strong cuppa, this Assam loose leaf tea is definitely for you. It arrives vacuum packed so is absolutely fresh as the day it was picked. Try it; I would be surprised if you find it not to your taste.

  7. Gwen W.

    This is a wonderful strong tea, as I like strong teas, you can’t go wrong with this brand, I’m very happy with it and its fresh with good packaging, I will definitely order again.

  8. Diana

    It has a lovely fresh flavour. The colour is very easily diluted with the smallest amount of milk, but don’t let that deceive you, it is still a very strong tea.
    If done well, can even give you a buzz!

  9. Marib Zafar

    Lovely cup of tea and for the price and prompt delivery more than good value and will certainly be purchasing again and will be looking at some of the other blends that they do in the very near future.

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