Rooibos comes from the tiny, needle-like leaf of a South African native srub called Red Bush. It is well known as a herbal tea. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is a great source of zinc, iron, and magnesium. Also rich in antioxidants, so it offers many of the same health benefits as the green and black teas. Oxtea’s collection of Rooibos tea offers 4 delightful and premium blends packaged in tea to make you feel cosy, recharge and restore your body and awake your summer holiday memories.

We have combined rooibos with other flowers and fruits to give it additional flavoring. Some of our popular combinations are rooibos with calendula petals, cocoa beans, pineapple and coconut pieces. Our Rooibos tea also make the perfect base for making delicious and flavorful teas that are caffeine-free and also offer health benefits associated with the herb. Buy rooibos tea, brew a soft red liquor and appreciate the natural sweetness with every sip! Order rooibos tea online and enjoy the nice and sweet fragrance, while gaining wellness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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