Beautiful days call for beautiful teas. Beautiful teas are blended with delightful flavours of fruits and aromatic flowers. Loose-leaf fruit teas are blends made of dry fruits and flowers. Fruit teas are just like other teas contains a good amount of antioxidants and a good source of minerals and vitamins. Oxtea’s loose leaf fruit tea blends are light, refreshing and blowing up with colourful and exotic fruits like cherry, strawberry, mango, apple etc and flowers that add even more smoothness to each sip.

Here at Oxtea, we take care and choose delicious and fresh ingredients to make exotic blends of loose leaf fruit teas that make you dance and wave off your sleepiness. Order the best fruit tea online from Oxtea. Best place to shop flavourful loose leaf fruit teas in the UK. Ideal loose leaf fruit tea blends for making delicious iced teas.

Fruit Tea

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