Each flower had meaning and purpose associated with it, so does our floral tea blends.  We have created an excellent balance with each of our floral teas blowing your taste buds at a different time throughout the day. Oxtea’s floral tea collection includes premium blends of jasmine, hibiscus, chamomile, rose and floral mix. We have carefully blended floral petals, buds, and blossoms to enhance the flavour and aroma to uplift your tea experience to the next level.

From cheerful to calm, we have got all your mood swings covered. Our jasmine tea will reduce your stress levels, hibiscus tea will cheer you up, rose tea will soothe your nerves and chamomile tea will help you sleep. What else could be so satisfactory than this? Let’s order some tea online in London and get your tea therapy started! Furthermore, most of our floral blends are caffeine-free that makes them perfect daily ‘pick-me-up’ without worrying about caffeine intake.

Buy floral tea and enjoy the delicate beauty, with the tempting and refreshing flavours of freshly made blends that remind you of garden fragrance with every sip!

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