Jasmine Flower Tea: Processing, Health Benefits And Recipe


Jasmine Flower Tea: Processing, Health Benefits And Recipe


Jasmine flower tea is one of the favourite teas in China, where it is known as mo li Hua cha. It is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant (as an unoxidized green or oolong tea) suffused with the scent of Jasminum sambac flowers.

The jasmine flowers are picked and laid alongside lightly steamed camellia leaves for several hours in a controlled environment. Overnight, the flowers open and release their scent, which then infuses into the camellia leaves.

Jasmine Flower Tea

The process is repeated several times with batches of fresh jasmine flowers. This process is a great art and learned over generations. An even more complex and time-consuming process is to make a flowering jasmine tea.

Flowers are sewn together with camellia leaves and made into flowering tea that unfurls like a blooming flower when brewed.


Health Benefits of Jasmine Flower Tea

Health Benefits of Jasmine flower tea

Drinking jasmine tea is supposed to reduce the heart rate, relieve sore muscles, and calm the whole body. It is believed to be an antidepressant and an aphrodisiac. It may even help slow the ageing process and boost the immune system.


How To Make Jasmine Tea

How To Make Jasmine Tea


1) Fill the kettle with fresh water. Bring the water to a boil, then pour some into your teacup or teapot to warm it up. Discard the water.

2) measure out 1 teaspoon of Jasmine green tea or put three infused green tea leaves and three or four jasmine flowers into a teapot.

3) Pour the boiled water (which should be between 176 to 185°F/80 to 85°C) over the tea and cover it with a saucer or a lid to trap the aroma.

4) Allow the tea to steep for three minutes. Remove the lid and pour the tea using a tea strainer and then float a fresh jasmine flower in the tea to serve. Enjoy this amazing-tasting, homegrown blended tea.

To make a simple jasmine flower tea, put two pinches of fresh or dried jasmine flowers into a tea bag or teapot and steep as before. Place a fresh flower in the tea to serve.

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