How to make chamomile iced tea- Soothing & refreshing

How to make chamomile iced tea - Soothing & refreshing


2 Minutes


5 Minutes


Normally thought of as a warm tea, but chamomile iced tea is surprisingly delicious.

Chamomile tea has long been valued for its soothing, relaxing, and reviving character.

A daisylike flower, chamomile is used to make a herbal tea rather than a true tea. (As we know, herbal teas are not real tea.)

loose Leaf Chamomile Tea


In addition to being delicious, the fresh lemon adds a boost of vitamin C which is handy if you’ve got a cold or are feeling under the weather.  

In this iced recipe you can use honey or sugar as sweetener, but it is not necessary as chamomile tea has a slightly sweet taste on it’s own.

The trick is to make it strong enough, and this recipe does.

Chamomile Iced tea – Ingredients

Chamomile Iced Tea

Making Chamomile Iced Tea

1. Prepare your loose leaf or tea bags.

2. In a small saucepan, bring water 1 cup of water to a slow boil. Add the tea bags(if you are using tea bags), or loose leaf tea. Cover, and remove from the heat. Let’s steep for 5 minutes.

3. Strain with a fine mesh strainer. Allow tea to cool slightly.

4. Transfer the tea into a glass container. Add the sugar or honey and remaining 1 cup cold water and stir or shake until the sugar is dissolved.

5. Let’s cool, then chill and serve over ice, add slices of fresh lemon as desired.

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