6 Incredible Health Benefits Of White Tea


6 Incredible Health Benefits Of White Tea


White teas are not unique tasting, mild and delicious but also have lots of health benefits. They may help with weight loss, improve immunity and fighting skin ageing.

This article discusses the health benefits of white tea and how to make it. White tea is a form of green tea, and green tea has already been discussed, you can check green tea health benefits.


What is white tea?

What is white tea?

White tea is produced using the buds of the tea plant, which makes for a sweet and delicate brew. The buds are generally only withered for a short time in natural sunlight before being lightly processed, leading to a tea that has only been very briefly tampered with.

White tea, also called bud tea, is made with the soft, hairy tips of the Camellia sinensis plant. There is only one bud on each stem, and it must be harvested while it is still tightly twisted. The new buds are pale grey with silvery-white hairs, hence the name “white tea.”

Most brewed white teas produce pale yellow liquor that looks clear in the cup and has a mild but sweet aroma.


Health Benefits of white tea

White tea is less processed and oxidised than other tea types and hence retains a higher amount of antioxidants and health benefits associated with that. Following are some of the highlighted health benefits of white tea.

Health Benefits of white tea

1) Rich source of Antioxidants

White teas contain a high level of antioxidants because the leaves and buds are steamed and dried immediately after harvesting, locking in their antioxidant qualities. Because of this kind of processing, white tea contains far less caffeine than other types of tea.


2) Helps to reduce inflammation

The polyphenols in white tea can help fight fatigue and wrinkles due to ageing. The EGCG found in white teas has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

The study done at Kingston University, London has concluded that white teas help to reduce inflammation.


3) Helps to prevent Cancer

Because of its high antioxidant content, white tea can help prevent various cancers better than other types of tea by destroying free radicals.

The results of the study conducted at Oregon State University suggest that white tea can prevent cancerous colon tumors.


4) Boosts Immune System

Since White tea is antibacterial and has high levels of antioxidants, it can effectively bolster the body’s immune system against a variety of bacteria and diseases.

The research showed that white tea kills Staphylococcus and Streptococcus infections as well as bacteria that cause pneumonia.


5) Promote Oral Health

White is is a good source of fluoride that can help prevent tooth decay by slowing the growth of dental plaque.  It has also shown to have a greater potential to fight infection, support oral health and hygiene compared to some other teas.


6) Helps To Relax

It is also a stimulant, and it promotes a relaxed body and mind and can help with concentration. It is one of the most refreshing of all teas.

Most white teas look yellow to clear in the cup. This color represents clarity, spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, clairvoyance, healing, and truth-seeking. As to physical health, white teas are good for detoxification.


How To Make White Tea

How To Make White Tea

1) Fill the kettle with fresh water. Bring the water to a boil, then pour some into your teapot or teacup to warm it up. Discard the water.

2) Put two or three pinches or 1 teaspoon of white loose leaf tea into the teapot.

3) Pour the water (which should be between 176 to 185°F/80 to 85°C) over the tea and cover it with a lid. Allow the tea to steep for three minutes.

4) Remove the lid and the teabag, or pour your tea from the teapot using a tea strainer.


You should have a very pale yellow tea. This is a subtle, sweet, and delicious tea—one for a special occasion. Be sure to use the buds again for subsequent cups.

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