5 Types Of White Tea You Should Know About


Types Of White Tea You Should Know About


White tea is so named because the silver fuzz that still covers the immature buds and leaves after they are picked turns white when they are dried. In this blog, we will talk about the types of white tea and their health benefits.


Health Benefits Of Green Tea

White teas contain a high level of antioxidants because the leaves and buds are steamed and dried immediately after harvesting, locking in their antioxidant qualities.

Because of this kind of processing, white tea contains far less caffeine than other types of tea. Also, this type of tea is brewed at a slightly cooler temperature.

Health benefits of white Teas

Here are some specific health benefits inherent in white tea:

  • The polyphenols in white tea can help fight fatigue and wrinkles due to ageing.
  • Because of its high antioxidant content, white tea can help prevent various cancers better than other types of tea by destroying free radicals. The results of one study suggest that white tea can prevent cancerous colon tumours.
  • For the same reason, white tea can effectively bolster the body’s immune system against a variety of bacteria and diseases. White tea is supposed to kill Staphylococcus and Streptococcus infections as well as bacteria that cause pneumonia.
  • The fluoride in white tea can help prevent tooth decay by slowing the growth of dental plaque.


Types of White Tea

There are fewer varieties of white tea exist than green or black teas. As with green tea, white teas are often found scented to add flavor. Here are some types of white tea you should know about.


1) Silver Needle white tea

Silver Needle White Tea

This type of white tea is said to be of the highest quality, and therefore, is the most popular. Ivory colored when dried, this variety is made exclusively from the buds coming from the Fujian province of China.


2) Peony White Tea

Peony white tea is also a popular tea that looks whitish to clear in the cup. The buds and the top leaves are picked before they open and are allowed to wither only slightly. After withering, they are dried by a hot air process that prevents further oxidation and preserves nutrients and freshness. A high-quality white peony will have both the bud and leaf-covered in silvery-white hair.


3) Long Life Eyebrow White Tea

This tea is concocted from the leaves left over after harvesting for silver needles and white peony. This, however, does not mean that the health benefits are fewer as this tea is processed in much the same way as the other white teas.


4) White Darjeeling

White Darjeeling

This type of tea is produced in a similar way to silver needle tea, but because it is grown and processed in the Darjeeling region of India, it tastes more earthy and contains more caffeine and fewer antioxidants.


5)Yin Zhen

This very slightly oxidized white tea uses only first flush leaf shoots. Yin Zhen is the most expensive, but it is famous for its antioxidant and body cooling properties, so it makes a good tea to drink during the hot summer months.

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