Floral teas are a staple of spring. The colors and the aromas along with rich flavors are sure to bring you spring feels no matter where you are at any time of the year!

Here are the 4 best floral teas that you can enjoy at any time anywhere you want.


1) Jasmine Tea

Jasmine green tea

Jasmine tea is one of the favorite teas in China, where it is known as mo li Hua cha. It is made from an unoxidized green or oolong tea suffused with the scent of Jasmine flowers. The jasmine flowers are picked and laid alongside lightly steamed camellia leaves for several hours in a controlled environment. Overnight, the flowers open and release their scent, which then infuses into the camellia leaves. The process is repeated several times with batches of fresh jasmine flowers.

Put one teaspoon of jasmine green tea into a teapot. Pour the boiled water (which should be between 176 to 185°F/80 to 85°C) over the tea and cover it. Allow the tea to steep for three minutes. Pour the tea using a tea strainer and then float a fresh jasmine flower in the tea to serve.

Drinking jasmine tea is supposed to reduce the heart rate, relieve sore muscles, and calm the whole body. It is believed to be an antidepressant and an aphrodisiac. It may even help slow the ageing process and boost the immune system.


2)  Lavender Tea


Lavender is an aromatic herb with long, straight grey leaves and clusters of purple flowers on long stems.

Lavender makes a strong and fragrant floral tea. To use dried lavender, put a pinch or a teaspoon of dried lavender flowers and leaves into a tea bag or teapot and steep for three to four minutes. Drink, relax, and fall asleep!

Lavender is well known for its calming and relaxing qualities—therefore, drinking lavender tea will help with anxiety and stress. It is very good to drink before going to sleep as it helps with insomnia. It is also good at fighting cold and cough symptoms and easing stomach problems, and it is a natural antiseptic. It is good for the mind and body and helps promote overall well-being.


3) Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Herbal Tea

Chamomile is native to Europe and North Africa where it is often found growing wild. It belongs to the Asteraceae family, the members of which have daisy-like flowers. The flowers, stems, and leaves can be used to make a wonderful tea.

There is a definite apple taste to the tea and it has a wonderful calming effect.

Chamomile tea helps with indigestion, stomach pain, upset stomachs, and painful gas. Chamomile can also help relax the body and is good for relieving anxiety and stress. It is a slight sedative, so it can help you get a good night’s sleep.


4) Rose Tea

Rose Tea

Rose tea is thought to help cleanse the bladder and kidneys and prevent digestive problems. It is also used to help with stress and can calm the nervous system. As with all teas, drink in moderation, as rose petals can be a laxative and may cause diarrhoea if taken in excess.

The color of the tea will be determined by the color of the rose petals. Whatever the color, the peppery taste and fragrant aroma of this tea are divine.

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